Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



Our company is responsible for the cancellation of booking if 100% payment is not received on given payment deadline. You are requested to pay 40% of the booking fee in advance for the confirmation of the package and rest payment you have to pay 20 days before the date of departure.



Cancellation Period

Cancellation Policy

01 moth or more before departure 30% of total package cost or as per Cancellation Policy of supplier
30-15 days before departure 55% of total package cost or as per Cancellation Policy of supplier
Less than 02 weeks before departure 100% of total package cost or as per Cancellation Policy of supplier
➤   If you want to cancel your booking then you have to notify us in writing. If we didn’t get written Email than SANDDUNES B2B will not responsible to give any kind of refunds & there will be no refund after departure. You may cancel you travel arrangement any time. Written notification or an e-mail send to us from the person who made booking for the trip. The applicable cancellation charges will be charged accordingly. Booking can be changed or cancelled on basis of cancellation policy of hotel as well as the company norms. If any tickets are issued and its dated tickets so company will not give any kind of refund or amended tickets, need to make the payment again to get tickets like Burj Khalifa & Dubai Frame and more others tickets are non-amendable 100 % charged will be there if cancel or reissue the tickets.
➤   SANDDUNES B2B helps you for any change and or cancellation of your tour package, but the charges regarding any change or cancellation of booking will be accepted from the customers or travel partners.
➤   SANDDUNES B2B helps you at any time changes or modification of your package. If your tour will affect by sudden calamities (bad weather, other circumstances), we will try to provide you other dates only if your tour has not begun yet. But tours should be amendable if supplier charged cost to us so no refund will be applicable. Notes: - All booking vouchers will be provided to you after getting 100% payment before your departure.

If We Change or Cancel Something

➤   There will be no refund of any amount due to natural calamities or non-availability of resources.
➤   If there will be any changes in your plan related to date or package, after the conformation of your booking. SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for the charges. The penalty for any amendments will incur as per the destination and customer will be liable to bear all the charges.

If you Change or Cancel Your Holiday

➤   If there will be any changes in your plan related to date or package, after the conformation of your booking. SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for the charges. The penalty for any amendments will incur as per the destination and customer will be liable to bear all the charges.
➤   In case of cancellation of booking we must be notified the same in writing, cancellation charges will be effective from date/time, we receive your conformation in written. If not so we will not cancel the booking in call or WhatSapp, Massage Etc.


➤   If you do not avail of a paid tour service partly or fully, SANDDUNES B2B will not make any refund in such circumstance. This is applicable to all unutilized SANDDUNES B2B services including city tour, limo service, desert safari etc
➤   price mentioned in our website or brochure vary as per the services, In Case of Hotel they will be Per Room Per Night which does not include TOURISM DIRHAM (It is to be paid by the guest directly at the hotel), In Case of tours it is based on per person with SIC (Seat in Coach) basis and will be shown with the total number of the guest if searched via private basis. It is non-inclusive of any kind of payment done from the part of customers, in the form of visa fee, room charges and tips to drivers or guides. In addition, changes in pricing may occur in the event of any additional expense incurred by your transport or accommodation service provider. All the third party attractions and products must not be sold individually at rates lower than their gate prices. The discounts can be given only if in combination with other products and under no circumstances its featured rates must be less than the attraction's gate price.
➤   If any staff gave wrong rates by mistake or after giving rates hotel may change the rates so cost will be applied as per policy of hotel and SANDDUNES B2B , If staff is updating by email within 48 working hrs.

No Show Policy

➤   If you do not avail of a paid tour service partly or fully, SANDDUNES B2B will not make any refund in such circumstance. This is applicable to all unutilized SANDDUNES B2B services including city tour, limo service, desert safari etc

Guest Refund Policy

➤   The Guest Refund Policy is meant to support guests in the event they suffer any travel issue. It is applicable to all guests who make a tour reservation through SANDDUNES B2B website. However, this will be in accordance with the terms stated on your tour booking voucher. While we’ll do everything possible to refund the amount if you need to cancel a tour or package booked through the SANDDUNES B2B , it is vital to note that we’re subject to different set of policies when it comes to private contract. It is, therefore, not viable for us to guarantee the same refund procedure or policies for all tours and services listed on SANDDUNES B2B : website. Accordingly, the following policies apply for
➤   Tickets: All tickets are non-refundable as well as non-transferrable.
➤   Visa: Fee charged for all types of visas is non-refundable, as the immigration authority of the UAE normally does not refund the amount in the case of rejected visa applications.
➤   Unused Tours: No refund can be made for unused tours, partly used or unutilized part of holiday package. Precisely, such unused services are not exchangeable or refundable
➤   No Show: SANDDUNES B2B should not be held liable, if a guest fails to notify our team regarding the cancellation of tour or do not reach on time at the place of commencement of tour. Such cases will be treated as No Show and are non-refundable.
➤   Third party services: Since they are subject to different refund and cancellation policies, some of the services offered by third parties may be non-refundable. We normally provide the details of the same at the time of booking.
➤   In order to get refund of a tour service or package purchased directly from the SANDDUNES B2B , you’ll need prior authorization in writing. All decisions taken by SANDDUNES B2B with regards to refund policy will be final and bind on both SANDDUNES B2B and guests

Itinerary Amendments

➤   Depending on climatic conditions, flight schedules, and such other various aspects, certain inclusions in your package, such as transfers, are subject to changes. In such situation, we’ll try to offer suitable alternatives of original tour value, which – however – is subject to its availability. As mentioned earlier, SANDDUNES B2B holds the complete right to make minor changes in the tour packages, and the guest is not entitled for any refund in such circumstances. Furthermore, no refund is made on cancellation of a tour service due to the reasons beyond our control, such as natural calamities. For any special request mention the same information in special request column given on the booking detail page also note that the request given by the guest will be subject to availability If you

If you have any complaint

➤   If you have a complaint with us during your holidays or facing any other problem then talk to our representative for the same. If your complaint is not solved locally at that time then you can write us within 15 days after return back to home along with your booking reference and complete information. We are always here to assist you. Our service team will surely solve your problem ASAP.


➤   If you want Insurance for holidays then you have to make it by yourself as SANDDUNES B2B will not provide any insurance for holidays.

Terms & Conditions - General Policy

➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for third party services i.e. transport or hotel. Transporter will be responsible for the travel delay, and hotels will be for the hospitality.
➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for ensuring safety of your personal belongings or documents.
➤   If any promise is done for your package and also written in your package vouchers but not provided you the same at that time then we assure you to compensate for the services or inconvenience. We request to all our customers to take all the details in written through our official site: sanddunesb2b.com
➤   SANDDUNES B2B offers night basis packages. Last day is only for check-out as per the policy of the hotel or if travels partner pre-booked any tours and services. If last moment we get any news from guest we didn’t get ABC services so only travel agent will responsible
➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for any stay in the hotel unless you have any written documents with you that are provided by us
➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for any services and star rating of the hotel. Because we recommend the hotel through customer reviews and rating placed on the internet by customers and also by our previous customers’ experience
➤   All our customers are requested to go through reviews and photos of the hotel before making any booking with the hotel. So that there will not be any inconvenience to you at the time of your holidays. You will have great and enjoyable vacations
➤   Some hotels normally ask for the non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Please check with us regarding the refund policy for the same. No refund possible if booking if non refundable basis or crossed given hotel & supplier deadline
➤   We request our customer for pay some amount for the booking confirmation. All other can be paid after receiving booking conformation
➤   Hotel check-in time: 02:00 PM (some 5 Star hotels Policy for check in time: 05:00 PM) Lapita & Atlantis the Palm & Burj Al Arab & more Hotels as per their own policy
➤   Hotel Check-out time 10:00 AM – 12:00PM
➤   International hotel breakfast time 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM
➤   Early check-in and late check-out will be as per the availability of rooms depends on Hotel. This can be charged additionally. SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for any additional charges charged by hotel for early check-in or late check-out.
➤   In case of any delay or cancellation of flight, customer can miss the opportunity of sight-seeing. SANDDUNES B2B will not refund any amount for this. All these terms and conditions are governed by tour operations. No one can modify this in the company.

Exactness not guaranteed

➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not take guarantee of cleanliness of any services in this package because the photos of the hotel are uploaded by our respective hotels. So, SANDDUNES B2B not gives guarantee for the room’s appearance. Only we want you to have an enjoyable experience to meet your imagination

Cancellation charges

➤   Amount after cancellation of booking will be non-refundable and also in some cases cancellation charges will be according to per person. In some hotels cancellation charges will be according to the region and also policy of the particular area, each package has its own cancellation policy & each supplier.

Confiscation of Deposits

➤   SANDDUNES B2B has the right to confiscate the whole non-refundable amount. In case of any sickness, medical problems, cancellation charges may be applicable as mentioned in the policy & supplier policy

Important Notice

➤   Customers are requested to carry the valid photo ID proof and the hard copy of complete voucher provided by SANDDUNES B2B to present the hotel & avail the services through booking. If you don’t present vouchers at the hotel while check-in, hotel can deny your booking & not allowed you to check-in the Hotel. SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for any inconvenience
➤   SANDDUNES B2B will provide you the similar hotel in case of mentioned hotel is overbooked
➤   Kindly avoid being over drunk by intake of hard drinks during the flight to avoid any inconvenience during your arrival & Immigration.
➤   Any increase in the taxes will be paid by the customer.
➤   If you make payment online through then 5% GST transaction charges will be charged of the total booking amount. In case of cancellation of booking SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for the refund of transaction amount. There will be 8% transaction charges for the customer making payments through American Express card. This will also be non-refundable
➤   There is possibility if increasing in rates due to gap between quotation and actual time of booking. In this case, increased amount would be collected from the customers
➤   We request you to book your package immediately so that there will not be any issue regarding the rates. All the confirmation will be considered after receiving the payment for the booking
➤   You can deposit cash payments in our bank account or pay through credit card. If bestdubaipcackage.com will not receive any amount from the customer then booking will automatically be cancelled
➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for any compensation if the company or the customer are forced to cancel the booking due to any outside uncontrolled situation.

Tour and Payment Policy

➤   Customer is requested to carry E-tickets and booking vouchers with a valid ID proof
➤   Booking can be confirmed only after getting the minimum booking amount from the customer
➤   SANDDUNES B2B will not be responsible for any type of Travellers Visa, refund amount and applicable chares that are implicated by the supplier
➤   There will be validity for passport after 6 months from the date of returning and 9 months for Malaysia.
➤   Additional money for any change in booking will be collected from the Travellers
➤   There may be some surcharges applicable over and above the package.
➤   Customers are requested to make some advance payment for the confirmation of the booking and also make the balance payment clear as per the discussion with the company
➤   For applying visa need 100 % payment for visa part and passport should be collated 20 days before from travel date, if received passport and payment not done for visa so SANDDUNES B2B will not process the visa application
➤   After getting visa on email please check the NAME & DOB as per passport if any correction please let us knows within 24 hrs. after receiving the visa copy & if not and during travel any issue related visa so travel partners will be responsible and 100 % amount will be charged. SANDDUNES B2B will not responsible for last moment mistakes and no refund will be applicable on the case

Disclaimer Policy

➤   SANDDUNES B2B always ensures its customers for the good quality material at affordable prices that displayed on our websites and are accurate at the date of issue. Change in market condition or circumstances may occur after the issue date, it no longer reflects the current position
➤   SANDDUNES B2B reflects any representation warranty, undertaking in relation to the accuracy, complete quality or any content of this website
➤   We will neither be responsible for any losses if any credit/ debit card, verification no. and billing address can’t be verified in a timely manner nor we are responsible for any change in rates or any other change that may occur during the verification and billing process
➤   We make full efforts to work with hotels and packages which provide an acceptable standard of paid services
➤   We will not be liable to pay any compensation if company or customer are forced to cancel the booking due to any outside uncontrolled situation

Points to remember

➤   The Passport should be valid for minimum 6 months to the date of returning
➤   Payment will not be refundable in some cases; especially group packages will not be refunded after booking confirmation
➤   Booking for more visitors, cancellation charges will be applicable depending on the total cost of the package or up to the hotel, supplier and transport